Overrun Coffee for Sale

At LaRue Coffee & Roasterie, there is freshly roasted coffee daily. At the end of a coffee run, there is excess coffee that is not enough to package as normal. Instead of letting this excess go to waste, we help people get a good cup of coffee by offering this overrun coffee at a discounted price to the public.
Only $2 per pound!
Contact-less Pick Up
Options Changing Daily
Whole Bean, Ground, and Filter Packs of Flavored Coffee and Coffee Blends.
We have re-opened our overrun sale. We have certain restrictions and rules in place due to COVID-19.
They are as follows:
1. Orders MUST be placed in advance by calling us at 402-333-9099 opt 0 or emailing cs@laruecoffee.com. We cannot accept anyone trying to walk into the building as we are still closed to the public. Only available for pick up at our Roasterie 13314 Centech Road Omaha NE 68138.
2. We will have a no contact system. Once your order is confirmed with us, we will set up payment and a pickup time. Your order will then be placed outside of our front door as your pickup time nears.
3. We cannot accept any add on at pick up.
4. Because we have a no contact system, customers will not be allowed into the building and if there’s an issue or question with the order the customer must call us at 402-333-9099 opt 0.
We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and are eager to get our sale back up and running. Should you have any questions, please give us a call or send an email.
We are open Monday – Thursday 6am-4:30pm CST
located at 13314 Centech Road Omaha NE, 68138.
*First come, first serve. While supplies last. No holds past 24 hours. Cash preferred. Card accepted. No Checks. All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. Products vary. Whole Bean and Ground, Flavored and Blends.